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Yesterday’s Blues


Yesterday’s Blues

Don’t cry Sister, don’t cry

Life ain’t supposed to be easy

I know you ask, why

Don’t cry, not for long anyway

Why so much pain? Why so much sorrow?

Humph, Why not?


Sister, you got something inside of you

That you haven’t tapped into yet

That gifting will cost you some tears,


and sweat!


Don’t cry,  don’t cry too long

Get up from there and sing life a pretty song

What kind of song you say?

A love song,

A song full of the blues you experienced



Sing a song that only sisters understand

Sing me a song Sister

Tell me about your pain

Share with me what you learned along the way

Make me laugh and cry and sing along


Sing me a song of the blues you experienced… yesterday

I’ll dance, and sing, and shout, and sway

sing me a song, Sister

of the blues you experienced yesterday

And remember my Sister,

That was yesterday…


Forgiven part 2



Why everybody so hard on the Black man

I was only being curious

Like all children

I didn’t mean no harm

When I used to sneak into yo room at night

And touch you in all the wrong places

You was curious too,

cause you didn’t put up no fight


I was a chile

Don’t try to blame dat mess on me

Why was I the victim of yo curiosity?

Dhey didn’t know

Dhey couldn’t trust ya’ll boys

Sleeping upstairs on the same flo

with us girls

While dhey slept downstairs

behind closed doors

Parents better wake up

Sometimes the Boogeyman…

is yo uncle, yo brother, or yo cousin…

Why is everybody so hard on the Black man?

Maybe cause you need to take some responsibility

For all the pain you inflicted on me

You had no right to awaken that part

maybe my life wouldn’t have been so full of promiscuity

If you had just let me be,

from the start

I know we was kids and that was forty years ago

So I choose today to let it go

It’s been buried all this time inside of me

But now I loose it and set myself free

No more victim mentality!