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Meet my Waldorf Dolls


I started sewing when I was twelve years old. My next door neighbor, Miss Webster, gave me a pattern for Barbie Doll clothes. I made every thing by hand. When I was thirteen Miss Webster taught me how to use a sewing machine and I started making all of my clothes.  When it was time for me to go to High School I decided to attend a Vocational High School and concentrate on Trade Tailoring. I really enjoy the process of coming up with a design in my head and then sketching it on paper. The next step is how to get the design to become something that I can hold, touch, see and share.

I decided to major in Fashion Merchandising in college. I learned to make my own patterns and create beautiful clothes. Well, when I got married I put all my creativity aside,  got a regular job and kind of conformed to my surroundings. I thought I would never create again.

Two years ago I started sewing again, and writing again, and making hair products in my kitchen . My creative energy was returning with a vengeance. I always wanted to make dolls. So I did some research on how to make cloth dolls  and came across Waldorf Dolls. I gave it a try and fell in love with this beautiful craft. Forty years after I made my first doll dress I am making dolls and doll clothes again and loving it.

Here are a few of my creations

Meet Faith

Meet Chloe

This is Grace

This is Sasha


I will share with you the process of making dolls as soon as I get organized.