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I just turned fifty-two,
I don’t know what to do
Fake hormones or real?
I don’t like the way I feel
Don’t have no one to talk to
I just turned fifty-two
It’s not like one day I’m happy, one day I’m sad,
or I feel good, now I feel bad
More like, what’s that I just said?
No one knows what I’m going through
I just turned fifty-two.
Why is this happening to me?
Think it runs in my family
give me peace and ease my pain
Don’t let your child be a shame
I ask you this in Jesus name
I just turned fifty-two,
I give all my cares to you
I know what I will do,
Trust the Lord to see me through

Yesterday’s Blues


Yesterday’s Blues

Don’t cry Sister, don’t cry

Life ain’t supposed to be easy

I know you ask, why

Don’t cry, not for long anyway

Why so much pain? Why so much sorrow?

Humph, Why not?


Sister, you got something inside of you

That you haven’t tapped into yet

That gifting will cost you some tears,


and sweat!


Don’t cry,  don’t cry too long

Get up from there and sing life a pretty song

What kind of song you say?

A love song,

A song full of the blues you experienced



Sing a song that only sisters understand

Sing me a song Sister

Tell me about your pain

Share with me what you learned along the way

Make me laugh and cry and sing along


Sing me a song of the blues you experienced… yesterday

I’ll dance, and sing, and shout, and sway

sing me a song, Sister

of the blues you experienced yesterday

And remember my Sister,

That was yesterday…




Out dated, not useful, without full potential
espadrilles, bell bottoms, the diaphragm

temporary rinse, dentures, my ibookG3
old, no new updates, unable to stream

frustrated, cranky,
ready to scream!!!

who says?
some young insensitive chick

she ain’t got no style
I ain’t dead yet

I’ll hang around for a while
old ain’t nothing but a word

underneath, thee, thou, aeroplane,
electro-engineer, Negro, Chicano,

Afro, beehive, jive turkey
I’m hip

I will not die
I will not quit

I know some things now
how to live
and not fall


Keep living!


Silver Firs Farm

*5/8/2013 – I am absolutely flattered and excited by the attention this post has gotten but it is well over two years old now and I am still getting comments and questions, daily sometimes! As much as I would love to answer them all, the bulk have been answered in the comments section below and beyond that I simply cant answer them any further. Between school, a family, kids, new blog posts, and an editor position on a popular local blog, I no longer have the time- thanks for understanding guys*

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